Back Seat Producers Season 03 Shows

BSP Episode 071: The Dark Knight

Tony, Tony and Adam have a mega discussion of the record breaking film, The Dark Knight.

Themes, implications, analysis, and the future of the franchise are just a small portion of the lengthy discussion of the film.

Also discussed: Green Porno Seriously… we didn’t believe it either until we saw it.

And another episode of the Booster Seat Producers, this time WALL·E is the focus of analysis for Tony and Holden.

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When Dent takes that guy after they kidnap Dawes. His coin has 2 of the same side. That why when batman say, your going to play chance with his life. and dent say not exactly. then they show the coin that its the same side.

When he becomes 2face, one side is burnt so there is a clear black/white. also sometime the idea of being tortured will give make the person to spill the beans.

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