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BSP Special Episode 06: A Chat with Tee and Pip

Strap in folks, this is a long and glorious ride.

We chatted with Tee Morris, author of… well, you know all the books he’s written, and Philippa Ballantine, author of Chasing the Bard.

Tee and Pip are promoting their books that are just about to be released and asking all of us to purchase them at Amazon.

Philippa Ballantine – Digital Magic

Tee Morris – The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant: A Billibub Baddings Mystery

Also, be warned, you are about to be FLOODED with content over the next 7 days.  We want our friends Tee and Pip to do well, for their books to do well, and we want to spread the word in any way we can.

Sit back, relax, get comfy… it’s a long one, but we dare you not to laugh along with us.

7 replies on “BSP Special Episode 06: A Chat with Tee and Pip”

Holy crap! I listened to SOME of this today, I’ll be lucky to get through all the coming content by NME.

I’ll have to meet Adam in Vegas, I’m sure it is likely at some point in the whole conference. It was Adam who said he is going, right?

So one of my friends at work is in London as we speak. She’s seeing David Tennant perform as Hamlet. I’ll get a review from her and let you guys know.

Okay, got through the whole thing. On RHPS, the articles I have seen all say that they “may include new music not in the original score.” While Richard O’Brien is only mentioned as the original screenwriter, I’d have to think that as it was all based on a stage show they would still be using something of the original score.

I figure on them casting someone with some pop hits and aspirations to transition into acting, then using that star to record a couple new tracks which they can put up on iTunes the night of the first broadcast and get up on radio.

I haven’t seen mention of ditching the original songs entirely (no offense to your reporting, Tony), and even if they were to cut almost all of them, I can’t imagine they’d cut “Time Warp.”

The news about this was still pretty fresh when we recorded this. The news stories updated to “may include” within a day or two after we did this. Besides, you’ve been listening to this show long enough to know how well the hosts “research” anything 😉

I think you are right about their take on it. As long as they can score a few bucks off of it and advance the career of a wannabe or two, they’ll get what they want out of this.

No offense taken… Hell, after some of the things I’ve been criticized for, poorly researched reporting is the least of them.

Paul, yeah, I’ll be there.

Where you wanna hook it up? I’m trying to organize something with the FPM guys… maybe we should do a meet and greet thing.


Well, Mangan and I are roomsharing, so it’s a fair bet I will be near FPM folks a lot of the time. I also plan on hanging with a couple Buffy Between the Lines folks at some point, but I figure odds are good we will see each other.

Perhaps if we plan to meet near Tee Morris? He’s bound to be rather conspicuously noticable most of the time…

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