25 Days of TSO

Twenty-Five Days of TSO – Day Twelve

Music Box Blues
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The Christmas Attic (1998)

But the music box continues to turn

Candle in the window continues to burn

But I know they’re just memories

Like Christmas past, girl, and you and me

In the story of The Christmas Attic, the girl finds a music box amongst the letters and other artifacts. The story goes that a woman gave her love a music box for Christmas, an inexpensive gift at the time, but considering what she had it was so much for her to give to him. In the time since giving the man the gift, he’d left, seeking his fortune. This is the woman left behind by the man who was in the story told through the songs, Find Our Way Home and The Snow Came Down.

The song as it’s presented in the story is beautiful and sad and, appropriately, sung by a female artist, Katrina Chester. Within the context of the story, it’s simply called Music Box. It’s fantastic and if you aren’t familiar with it, give it a listen.

My favorite version of this song though is a bonus track to the album. It’s performed by one of the distinct voices on those first few TSO albums, the late Daryl Pediford. Between Daryl’s soulful voice and the choir that joins him for the chorus half-way through the song, I always feel it so much more painfully with this version.

I’m the sort of person who really allows myself to FEEL the music, to experience the emotions of the song. This one gets to me and plucks at my heart strings. Maybe not as much as The World That She Sees, but it’s all there.

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Twenty-Five Days of TSO