25 Days of TSO

Twenty-Five Days of TSO – Day Twenty-Three

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Eve and Other Stories (1996)

Somewhere the wind

Carves moments in the snow

And if he sees her

He never lets it show

He just drifts behind her

Erasing every step

And for the final three days of my little experiment, I’m going to share one of my favorite sets of songs, the three songs that make up what I’ve always called The Ornament Trilogy. These three songs are all featured on their first albums and have been on RIDICULOUSLY high rotation in our household since the beginning. So much so that my kids have been able to sing along to them since they were little and my son even sang this song during a Christmas recital last year for the music studio where he takes voice lessons.

The first song sets the stage. A father is home on Christmas, he and his daughter had a fight, causing her to leave home. She ran off to New York City. A fight of some sort or another was the last straw, causing her to leave and our angel is flying over the man’s home when he catches the prayer of the father on it’s way up to the Lord. He is praying to Christmas, praying that she’ll be safe, watched over. Even if he can’t be with her, if he can’t see her on Christmas, he wants to know that she’s being looked after.

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Twenty-Five Days of TSO