25 Days of TSO

Twenty-Five Days of TSO – Day Twenty-One

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Letters from the Labyrinth (2015)

Night time

Wander the street

You never give ground

Never retreat

You’re always Oz bound

Have all the dreams been betrayed

The last weekend before Christmas and I’m sharing another pair of non-Christmas tunes, both from the 2015 album, Letters from the Labyrinth. Letters is a different sort of album for TSO as it’s not a rock opera, instead the songs have different themes throughout.

The song Stay was first featured as a bonus track on a 1997 re-release of the 1987 album Hall of the Mountain King. Yep… Savatage did a version of Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King long before they were combining Classical music and Heavy Metal as TSO.

In this remake of the Savatage tune, Stay features a vocal performance by Adrienne Warren. Her sultry vocals are a huge departure from the way Jon Oliva’s deep masculine bass set a dark mood for the song in the original.

The song warns of the danger of getting too far down the path of seeking dreams without changing them as your life changes. In this version, the dreams are so much more alluring as they are described through the feminine vocal

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Twenty-Five Days of TSO