25 Days of TSO

Twenty-Five Days of TSO – Day Twenty-Four

Old City Bar
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Eve and Other Stories (1996)

And here was the danger

Even with strangers

Inside of this night,

It’s easier to believe

In part two of The Ornament Trilogy, the angel follows the father’s prayer from Ornament and find’s the child, cold and alone and on a street corner in New York City, in the snowy city, no stars are to be seen, save for a neon star advertising an old city bar, the sort that always has its regulars regardless of time of day or time of year. The girl then made a wish on that first star that she’d seen. And the angel, being an angel, could also capture her wish.

The angel then takes the form of a child and wanders into the bar, inspiring the bartender to help the girl get home.

For me this is the magic of Christmas, the magic of real people, no matter how unlikely, suspending disbelief and giving to those who are more in need. Even if we might think that those poor bums in that bar should be home, should be with family. Who is to say that they aren’t just where they should be, even at Christmas.

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Twenty-Five Days of TSO