25 Days of TSO

Twenty-Five Days of TSO – Day Two

An Angel Came Down
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Eve and Other Stories (1996)

And as he looked towards the earth

For the source of this sound

On that cold winter night

It was pulling him down

This song is the first song on the first Trans-Siberian Orchestra album. While Sarajevo 12/24 pre-dates this album, this song really sets the stage for the story of Christmas Eve.

Quite literally, an angel comes to Earth with a mission from God to find out the worth of everything that humanity had done since the birth of the son of God.

In the magic of this world, angels have the ability to hold onto things that no human can touch.

The tender majesty of the song sets the stage for the weaving together of a variety of stories that take place through the course of the album culminating in the book ending song, An Angel Returned, which, spoiler, I’ll be sharing here in a few days.

I love the idea that not only is this a mission, but also something that he becomes drawn into, being pulled down by the sounds that he hears from humanity below.

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Twenty-Five Days of TSO

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