25 Days of TSO

Twenty-Five Days of TSO – Day Sixteen

What is Christmas?
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The Lost Christmas Eve (2004)

This Christmas trees with colored lights

Underneath they still are only trees

Do you think that one day perhaps they might

Find that Christmas is kind of a disease?

Within The Lost Christmas Eve, the angel finds himself in a bar where everyone is enjoying Christmas and being filled with joy in the celebration. Everyone save a businessman who came to the bar to rest his feet and get a drink on a night where he was away from home.

This man couldn’t be made to be happy about Christmas despite everyone celebrating around him. He found only one soul in the whole place who he could commiserate with and that was a character on the television complaining about Christmas, the Grinch.

This song is so fun and festive in the music and it just reminds me that some people seem to take a real bliss in being annoyed by Christmas, as if they are really trying too hard and looking for excuses to to be happy when everyone around them celebrate.

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Twenty-Five Days of TSO

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