25 Days of TSO

Twenty-Five Days of TSO – Day Eighteen

Christmas Nights in Blue
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The Lost Christmas Eve (2004)

Suddenly, all are laughin’

This nights smart, always craftin’

Building bridges nearly everywhere

Hits a wall, it just builds a stairs

As with the story in Christmas Eve and Other Stories, our angel ends up back in a bar.

I absolutely love the imagery and the pure join in this song. TSO’s lyrics often ask us to believe that Christmas has a magic to it, that people will be different just because we’re at the end of the year, but his song really let’s you breathe that belief.

And in of all places the joy of being in an old bar in New York City where blues are played and everyone just comes together because it’s Christmas.

If I ever find myself annoyed because of some aspect of Christmas and craziness and spending money, this is one of my go-to songs. I let those colors all come down to one and find myself carolized…. carolized.

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Twenty-Five Days of TSO

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