25 Days of TSO

Twenty-Five Days of TSO – Day Six

The World That She Sees
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The Christmas Attic (1998)

Caught in this night

Pieces of light

Glitter and play for you

I first heard this song four years before I became a father and nine years before I had a daughter. I think I’m finally at about a point where I can say that I’ve only teared up about 50% of the time that I’ve heard this song because before I had them, this is how I dreamed it would be, and after I learned that it’s pretty much exactly how I still think of it.

The magic of the awareness of the first snowfall that they can really see and understand. The magic that they still feel because there is that waiting and wishing for a snow day.

There is something really special about a first snowfall. The first one you see, the first one of the year, it doesn’t matter. Little bits of ice floating through the sky and catching the light holds and alure to it, especially in the eyes of the young or young at heart.

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Twenty-Five Days of TSO

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