25 Days of TSO

Twenty-Five Days of TSO – Day Seven

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Night Castle (2009)

I wasted my time

Till time wasted me

Never wanted to go

Always wanted to stay

‘Cause the persons I am

Are the parts that I play

So as part of this little experiment, I’ve decided that, and the timing works out right, on each weekend day, I’m going to include a song that’s not from one of the Christmas Trilogy. This song is from Night Castle, though not part of the story of the album.

This song is a cover of a Savatage song, one from Streets (A Rock Opera). Part of me wanted to just post the lyrics to the song and leave that as my only statement. There is a lot of power and imagery to this piece and I think that there are so many ways you could take the meaning behind it.

Is it a song about faith? Is it a song about someone watching over you? Is it a song about a part of yourself that you’re trying to get back to. I think at different times in my life I’ve looked at this song in so many of these ways and more. We all have to grow up and sometimes we do it faster than we want to or faster than we should. That’s certainly part of the original story that it’s from.

I’ll be right there

I’ll never leave

All I ask of you


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Twenty-Five Days of TSO

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